Saturday, October 20, 2012

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney debate parady song

Having steadied himself after a damaging first debate, Obama is banking on his renowned "get out and vote" ground operation to steer millions of supporters to the polls. Many have already voted under early balloting scenarios.
Republicans, meanwhile, feel Romney has finally broken through with his message that the economy can be much better, and that he's the man to prove it

Due to the overwhelmingly distress of America in the election year of 2012 in the month of October, we need to take a look at the lighter side of politics because not all of us are politicians. This video went viral on you tube and is very hilarious. While the performer who played Mitt Romney was really good I want to give kudos to the performer who played Barack Obama who really sounds like the President of the United States of America. If Barack did make a record he would sound like this man in the video. The genre of music that is used in the video bridges the generation gap just a little closer together because millions of Americans embrace this genre of music.

The second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was deemed a classic. The debate was setup in a town hall meeting style. These two men were described as being in a boxing match. They were up in each others faces like they were going to break out in a scuffle.

GOP strategists say the overall economy remains bleak enough for Romney to make a forceful closing argument: Obama has failed to bring the jobs he promised, and Romney has the skills and philosophy to do better.

Watch the video and take a break from all of the "political mumbo-jumbo" lawyer rich social class talk!

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