Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kyle Lydell Canty, 30, crossed into Canada in early September of 2015, telling border agents that he was here to visit and take photographs, but once in Vancouver he decided he would apply to remain as a refugee.
“I’m in fear of my life because I’m black,” he told IRB (Immigration Review Board) member Ron Yamauchi in a hearing on October 23rd in Vancouver. “This is a well-founded fear.”
Canty argues that black people are “being exterminated at an alarming rate” in the U.S. and included examples such as the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri and the death of Eric Garner in New York City at the hands of police.
Kyle Lydell Canty, 30, is seeking refugee status in Canada.
 As part of evidence submitted to the board, Canty edited together multiple point-of-view videos of his interaction with police, including one where he was arrested for trespass in Salem, Oregon, when he spent two hours talking on the phone and using free Wi-Fi at a bus station.
“I got bothered because I’m black,” he said. “This is a history of false arrest. My name is ruined because of the false arrest.”
In 2008, Denise Harvey was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor. According to American media reports, the boy was 16-years-old and played on her son’s baseball team. As a Florida sex offender, Denise claimed asylum in Saskatchewan Canada and has been granted protected person status. Say what? She was granted protection person status and she was not in any danger for her life?
Denise Harvey, a registered sex offender in Florida, has been
granted protected person status in Canada.
Harvey fled to Canada in 2010 before she could be sent to prison. She was sentenced to 30 years in jail and is still wanted in the United States. Denise Harvey claimed her sentence was cruel and unusual punishment and after arriving in Saskatchewan, she asked for asylum. Her request for protected person status was heard by the Immigration Review Board (IRB) in July of 2012 and the IRB granted her request because it agreed her sentence was indeed cruel and unusual punishment and the crime she was convicted of is not a crime in Canada. So, is Canada insinuating that an adult having sex with a minor is okay in in their country? 

To sum it up, I'm just a little vexed that Denise Harvey was granted  protection person status and Lyle Canty is having such a hard time getting granted that same status when his life is in danger? Another example of insolent politics.
Insolent Politics

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