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When white men taunt & cuss at police daring to shoot

This is one of many, many reasons why America has failed and has fallen from being one of the best countries in the world to one of the most hated, abhorred, mocked and scorned especially with the recent 2016 presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The blatant attacks on police officers by white men happen almost everyday and the country turns a blind eye and does not report these incidents on major news networks while those same networks show the most heinous acts by police officers & white citizens shooting and killing UNARMED African American boys and men.

The following video is a traffic stop that goes wrong when Andrew H. Brannan pulled out an assault rifle and killed Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. Brannan left his vehicle and sarcastically prodded Dinkheller to shoot him, screamed that he was a “goddamn Vietnam combat veteran,” and then retrieved a rifle from his pickup truck, according to a police cruiser dashboard camera video later released. Brannan said he lost his temper with Laurens County Sheriff, Deputy Kyle Dinkheller, on Jan. 12, 1998, after driving 100 mph on a country road and getting pulled over by the officer.

The two men exchanged shots, with Brannan suffering one gunshot wound to the abdomen and Dinkheller getting hit nine times. The graphic video shows Dinkheller, a Laurens County deputy, screaming in terror and pain as Brannan closes in on him and kills him at point-blank range after reloading.

These type of incidents happened 16 years before the killing of Mike Brown Jr. The police officer on the scene was Deputy Dinkheller who was shot and killed after pulling over a man on a rural road about 6 miles north of Dublin, Georgia. During the traffic stop Dinkheller called for backup. Before backup arrived a white male shot Deputy Dinkheller with a M1 carbine rifle. The officer was able to return fire, striking the suspect in the stomach.

That's interesting how the suspect just went back to his truck, reached in to load his assault rifle with the police officer yelling at him to put the gun down. I'm not advocating violence but I think the Deputy should have not allowed the suspect to reach in the pickup truck. And I'm sure that Dinkheller had no idea what this madman had in mind to do but that's where the power of systemic privilege shows it awkward face.The deputy kept telling the man to "put the gun down" and no shots were fired at the suspect by the officer. Simply unbelievable right? Not if you are white in America. It is apparent that systemic privilege, class and racism is also to blame because if the suspect was african american the suspect would be dead on the spot with a dozen or more fatal bullet wounds. 12-year old Tamir Rice was a CHILD with a TOY GUN and was NOT told to "put the gun down!". Tamir was shot within two seconds after police arrival!

As a matter of fact, the white male suspect in the above video is told, what seems like 50 times, to "put the gun down". The white suspect even says “No” to the officer!
This video is an example of how certain groups of people in America have certain privileges and get away with it EVERYDAY with little to no consequence and because of this police officers lose their lives. This is why people hate America with its sick display of blatant racism, privilege and triple standards. Instead of shooting the suspect to wound him the suspect loaded rounds into an assault rifle and went after the deputy to kill him after the dangerous suspect was constantly told to "put the gun down" and the deputy paid for it with his life. Deputy Kyle Dinkheller gave Andrew Brannan several opportunities, more than necessary, to comply and put down the gun but this selfish Brannan guy took his privilege to the point of rage that led to murder.
Kyle Wayne Dinkheller was a deputy with the Laurens County Sheriff's
Office in the U.S. state of Georgia. After his death, he was named the 1998
Deputy Sheriff of the Year by the Georgia Sheriffs' Association.
Dinkheller's murder continues to get national attention (e.g., training in police academies) because the stop and shootout were captured on a personal video recorder Deputy Dinkheller had placed on his patrol car dashboard and activated when he stopped Brannan. Dinkheller was born on June 18, 1975 in San Diego, California. He graduated from California's Quartz Hill High School in 1993. He joined the Lauren's County Sheriff's Office as a jailer in March 1995 and became a certified peace officer with the State of Georgia in 1996. He was just 22 years old when he was murdered. Dinkheller is survived by his wife, Angela, and their children Ashley and Cody.
For the full description of the incident visit the article Officer down which is on the PoliceMarksman website.

There are hundreds of other incidents if not thousands of white suspects attacking and/or shooting at police officers and being treated with dignity and respect and not being murdered in cold blood. In fact, these white suspects were all armed with assault rifles or automatic handguns and are almost never killed on the spot but are brought down by tasers or bean bags which are non deadly ways to take down an armed suspect. Deputy Dinkheller fired back and tried to protect himself but the suspect's rifle was too powerful and Dinkheller was shot too many times to give good aim. But on the other side of things is the way that within two seconds of the police car’s arrival, Officer Loehmann shot Tamir Rice in the abdomen from point-blank range, raising doubts that he could have warned the boy three times to raise his hands, as the police later claimed.

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