Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beyoncé in black face: Clever or controvrsial?

A French magazine named, L’Official magazine, has celebrated its 90th anniversary and featured the singer Beyoncé  Knowles on the March cover. The magazine claimed it is paying tribute to Nigerian human rights activist and musician Fela Kuti in the month of March 2011.

Beyoncé is seen with dark paint (or makeup) on her face, a cheetah dress, and “tribal cheek stripes”. The french magazine claimed they were shooting an “African Queen” theme.

Even though this is not black-face in the traditional sense, it still raises so many questions. It would have been more befitting if Beyoncé had painted her whole body black for that last segment of the shoot. I must say that Hollywood and the fashion industry still loves black-face.

Fashion photographer, Steven Klein, chose to use white models made up in black-face in editorial spreads  even though black models continue to face discrimination to this very day (so much for America moving forward). It is also proven that Madonna did a black-face shoot with Steven Klein in which Madonna
(Madonna in black face ) claimed she was the "black madonna". Fortunately, Klein did not release those distasteful photos.

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