Friday, March 18, 2011

11 year old gang raped by 18 men and boys

As reported by the associated press and CNN, an 11 year-old African American girl was gang raped in a trailer home. The courts blamed the little girl by saying she led the men on by wearing lipstick. This story aired a couple days ago on HLN hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell. This is so pathetic, sick and sad that ... well do the research if not here's the vid...

My VERY FIRST question is what is going to be done to the men that are age 27 down to 18 first of all! Then deal with the boys from age 17 down to 14. SOMETHING has to done. And to make it the more sickly is that it was videotaped! There has to be some type of common sense justice because back in biblical days castration was obvious or some type of severed limb was the solution. In my opinion, America has stooped to an all new disgusting low once more by blaming the victim.
Insolent Politics.

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